Tap Into The Millennial Talent Pool With Social

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Did you know that the global digital services market will be worth as much as the entire UK economy by 2020? The industry is booming, with no signs of abating, but there is an issue that may surprise you: a skills shortage.

Simply put, there just aren’t enough qualified workers, and this is particularly true in the digital and STEM fields. In fact, Jobvite’s UK Social Recruitment Survey found that 58% of recruiters say the biggest challenge their company faces in hiring is the lack of skilled or qualified employees.

So, how are you going to onboard the best and brightest who have the skills to match? By building digital into your recruitment strategy.

Start with Social
The first step is social media. Why? Two reasons. First, the majority of candidates who possess the appropriate digital skills for today’s technology roles are Millennials and, because they are digital natives, almost all of them live on social media.

Second, only 60% of UK recruiters haven’t used social media to hire in the last 12 months. So, not only will you have access to the most digitally-savvy candidates, but you will also be able to source them without as many other recruiters vying for their talent.

If you’re trying to decide which networks to focus on, then we recommend ‘The Big Three’ – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is where the majority of users operate and where you’ll receive the best results. There’s scope in the future for other platforms, especially Instagram, but is best to begin simply.

Cultivate Culture
So, you’ve set up your social outreach strategy and found yourself some outstanding candidates, but how do you get them to work for you?

Company culture is essential to the Millennials. It is not enough for them to work for a company to simply pay the bills, but they desire to be in a business that reflects themselves and their values. This means that displaying your employer brand on social media is vital. You must engage through all the digital channels you choose on a regular basis and let your business’ personality shine through. This will help differentiate your business and help you to attract the best, digitally-savvy, individuals that are already passionate about the brand.

It is also important to note that people should be able to apply for jobs through their mobiles. Millennials are more likely than any other generation to job-seek through their handsets. So, alongside communicating your company’s culture, you must ensure any career site is optimised for mobile.

Reach Out for Referrals
Another key in hiring the most digitally able candidates is referrals. Jobvite’s UK Social Recruitment Survey found that referrals are the most effective source of quality hires. This is due to when an individual is hired through a recommendation, they are more eager for the role, as they don’t want to let down the contact that got them the role. This leads to them, on average, to stay at the company longer and produce a higher quality of work.

To implement this, you need to look to your employees. By sharing job openings to their own connections on social networks, you can make use of a wide network of like-minded individuals, many of whom will be as digitally-savvy.

The skills gap can be stumbling point for many companies, cutting into their potential for growth. This should not be the case though. With the careful use of social media and communicating company culture, a business can differentiate itself, attracting the brightest and most digitally-savvy candidates. The talent war is underway and the only way to win is to get social.

We would love to hear from you on this topic in comments. Are you already using social? What have you seen, in terms of results? Or, are you just dipping your toes into the social waters? Let us know.

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