A Mobile Recruiting App for Hiring Teams

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Prior to joining Jobvite, I was that typical hiring manager: disappointed with the speed of hiring, not feeling aligned with my recruiter, and concerned about not achieving my goals without the necessary talent to help reach those objectives. Jobvite taught me about the pain recruiters feel everyday: extreme pressure to hire faster, dealing with hiring manager dissatisfaction, and ensuring a high-level of communication with each candidate to deliver an excellent candidate experience. The friction between me and my business partner was not good.

I remember November 2010 like it was yesterday and our tag line was “Hiring is everyone’s job.” It made me scratch my head. But then I learned Jobvite was the first Applicant Tracking System to deliver native integration to social media for sharing jobs. In fact, Jobvite still has an excellent track record driving down the cost per hire and powering an effective Employee Referral program by enabling any employee to automatically share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter with Jobvite Publisher. Having a strong Return on Investment is one of the many reasons I joined Jobvite.

I’ve come to learn the friction between recruiters and hiring managers is not at all isolated, but a widespread challenge. Until now. Today Jobvite has announced at HR Tech in Las Vegas, a native mobile recruiting app that will work the way hiring managers work instead of making them work the way recruiters work. Hiring managers can now help build their teams whenever and wherever using our simple user interface. And hiring teams can now spend less time chasing people down; they can easily act on the next steps in the recruiting workflow.

If you’re at HR Tech, stop by booth #2034 and we’ll be happy to show you a demo of the mobile app. If not, please learn more at our blog article here.


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