Jobvite Opens Operations in the UK

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Exactly 1,737 days ago, I joined a little-known San Francisco Bay-area start-up called Jobvite (a recruiting platform that generates unique, trackable, shareable URL jobinvites). I was employee #30 and the leader of the Customer Success team. We had about 275 customers and a group of four dedicated individuals, who did everything from provisioning new SaaS instances, to helping implement our platform, to providing on-going support, and renewing customer contracts. It was truly exciting to work with pre-IPO companies like LinkedIn and Twitter as well as lesser known (at the time) start-ups like Square and Rocket Fuel. That was November 8, 2010 and today’s press releasedemonstrates how passion and hard work by a group of smart employees pays off.

It’s an incredible journey to work at a company where your customer count doubles in a single year and then doubles again the following year and marches on at incredible growth rates.  I’m proud of how my Customer Success team scaled over the years and won Stevie Awards two years in a row. Towards the end of 2014, I was asked by our CEO to take on a new challenge to help Jobvite grow outside of the United States.

What a great opportunity! I’ve been able to combine my business-building skills with my global experience to create a solid 3-year Internationalization Plan that went into gear the beginning of this year. It’s super rewarding for me to use my creativity and work cross-functionally to provide company-wide leadership on such an important, strategic initiative.

I’m excited to be part of a team that is opening its UK operations in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. Also known as “Tech City” and “Silicon Roundabout,” we specifically selected this location to surround ourselves with other high-growth companies. And not only is the operational part of our business going international, but our R&D is delivering amazing work to help our global customers of all sizes to recruit better faster.

Congratulations to the entire Jobvite team on achieving this important milestone on 8/11 and thank you to our 2,000+ customers headquartered across 35+ countries for the opportunity to serve you! It’s great to be in London for this launch to talk with customers, press, and prospects. Perhaps it is only me that will see the irony of my start date being 11/8. Please message me if that doesn’t make sense. Cheers!


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